Hello 2011, nice to meet you.

Well, its unbelievably 2011 already and time to get back to the grind. Lots of things have already happened this year that could make it even better than 2010. I can’t image what is in store for the rest of the year. As I said in my last entry, “I’m only going to get busier.” and that sure happened quicker than I thought it would. Some new and interesting opportunities have presented themselves – and I intend on fully taking advantage of them. It’s really amazing how one conversation can change the rest of your life and instantly swing you into a new mode.

Recently I was asked to display some photography in an exhibit that is taking place next month at Hybrid in Santa Monica (more info to come). I am very excited for the show, but I’m even more exited for what it has already taught me.

I have been culling, pouring and sifting through hundreds of images from my travels, adventures and random moments. During this process I have come to a realization; I have really just been taking pictures. Thought-out, controlled images that show you what I’ve seen – and demonstrate that I know my way around a camera. Not images that take you on an adventure and allow you to play in the theater of your mind. Not being a photographer. Now I have captured some interesting moments and people during my travels but not as well as I could have. Not moments that take you there. I’ve been a tourist that has a nice camera.

It’s been so incredibly challenging to focus the message and create a thematic presentation of my imagery. I’m not sure I have it down yet, but I now understand a greater concept behind the images that I create. I want to shoot imagery that takes you places. Not images that show you places. Images that pull you into the moment. Images that allow you to capture something.

This newfound insight will make it profoundly harder to shoot, but that work on the front end will make the next show that much easier. In the 13 days that have been 2011 some interesting things have appeared on the horizon.

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