Adventure Required

70 hours, 87 hours, 75 hours, 71 hours, countless rough cuts, hours in traffic, tons of Telecine, oh ya more traffic. That’s been my life lately. Last week I wrote about finding other ways to create, but with a schedule like the one above how is one to find time? I also touched on the outlet last week and I wanted to expand on that a little too. You have to give up a lot to be in this business. Most of the things that I once considered essential to my creativity and expertise have taken a back seat. But the hardest thing in the last 6 months hasn’t been the work load, the hours worked or the distances traveled – It’s trying to remain creative. It’s really easy at 1am when you are sitting in an edit bay to say,”Yup looks great, lets get out of here.” And it’s even easier to fall into the trap of “I have a life, it’s time to go.” So, I guess I’ll start there. How do you take the time to remain creative when it seems there isn’t even time to even sleep?

Ill try to answer this with a little caveat; I’m sure it’s different for everyone but I like to attribute my creativity to life experiences. Those experiences help me to look at a problem differently. Wrapping those experiences into a relevant solution is essential to success.

Adventure required is my inspiration. When I get into a new city or somewhere I’ve never been I make a list of things to do or places to go. Knowing when I get the chance for an adventure, I know exactly whats up. But an adventure isn’t just found outside. Everyday will have its moments of down time (I’m in one now) so, find awesomeness on the www’s. There are countless ways to stay connected in this new age of ours, even to the places you’ve been. To capture all these adventures I keep a camera and a notebook with me, always. I find both good for capturing awesomeness and keeping track of people I meet and things I see. Even revisiting past adventures is fun. A notebook is a great way to make sure you remember everything.

I guess what I am saying or reminding myself is that, yeah it’s my job to make these spots. But it’s also my job to cull and mine inspirational stuff around me. Enjoy the quiet, embrace the lull, and find the adventure around me. Even if its just taking a few minutes out of each day and letting your mind wander.


2 thoughts on “Adventure Required

  1. Ben may says:

    Great writing, Joe! This was a great reminder and motivator for me, very inspirational! Keep it up, I like reading these. Let me know if your ever out in the Atlanta area.

    • Joe says:

      Thanks, Ben! I will absolutely let you know when I’ll be in town. Usually it’s just a pass through but ya never know. Good to hear from you buddy.

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