More About the Author

There are a lot of Joe’s out there. So many, that there’s even a National Joe Day (March 27th.) But I am not your average Joe. This Joe is a licensed scuba diver and can drive anything from a boat to a plane. This Joe is an Art Director who went to Film school and Art school. This Joe is a professional photographer and cinematographer who shot Innocean’s first print ad. If this sounds like any other Joe you know, call me. I want to meet that guy.


2 thoughts on “More About the Author

  1. Hey Joe. Good start with the writing. I’m a Copywriter who loves Art Directors that can write. No, seriously. Because a CW can come up with great visual, why not an AD scribing a great headline? Keep it up. I’ll be following

    • Joe says:

      Hi Greg. Thanks for reading! I am excited to see so many people responding to my first post. I hope I can keep it up. It’s certainly a new territory for me. Please feel free to critique, comment and share.



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