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Find other ways to create

Humm. Well I was onto something at some point. I opened this “draft” to find nothing in the body. It’s certainly a provocative title and it’s as true as can be. We as creatives work our faces off in this business to create ads for our clients. By the time we are done with, whatever it is we are working on, there are so many thumbprints all over your idea it’s amazing you even got to where you are. So, my advice; create for you. It’s imperative to find some other outlet where you are the client, account team, project manager, but most importantly the creative on. Create what ever it is you want. Make something as awesome or as awesomely-horrible as you want. find something for you.
I do a few things. This blog is one. There are no proof readers here. haha. I’m sure that run on sentence up there needed some punctuation somewhere. But I wanted you to feel a little exasperated after reading it. It’s an exasperating business – but its fun. And having a creative outlet will keep it that way. I write here to help me translate my ideas into words. I don’t expect a million followers or fame to come from this. It’s a simple outlet. I also take little photoventures every once and a while. I absolutely LOVE being behind a lens. It’s so relaxing to me. Sometimes I even sell those images in my Etsy store. Its simple really – You just need to discover your outlet.

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The perfect priority

Unfortunately I don’t even need to ask myself “what did I fail at today?” It’s been weeks since my last blog. Not to say I haven’t thought about it. I just haven’t acted on it – even worse. Granted we have been slammed rolling out the Hyundai Holidays Pomplamoose campaign, but that is no excuse it’s really not even a reason. I expect myself to only get busier. To top it off “The Perfect Opportunity” isn’t the only thing that I said I would do – that am not doing. Time to get focused again.

In the last four or so weeks our team has rolled out a plethora of work. The holiday TV shoot, Print shoot (which was me and some christmas lights… awesome) Six or so TV spots, rebranded the YouTube channel, national and regional online banners, dealership POS and some social strategy. All with only 5 of us creatives. So ya, I guess you could say we were busy. And in all that busyness there were a ton of lessons. All shadowed by one. Priorities and knowing them.

Know the important tasks, when are they due and what are elements of those tasks that are worth fighting for. I’ll admit it’s hard for me to not want to fight for all of them. It’s hard to let some things go when you know they should be another way. Having the ability to recognize their importance will take some work, but mostly vision.

What it really boils down to is knowing the difference between being right, and being happy. I could fight till I’m blue in the face on something that I am never going to win. On something that is undoubtedly going to frustrate me and those I’m working with. For something that is probably not even that big of a deal. So why fight those inevitable battles? What’s the point? I need to learn to pick battles – know how to frame my debate in those battles all while keeping the big picture in mind. There might be other things that I am not privy to that effect more than my current project. It’s probably one of the most important lessons I can learn in my career. Not only will it help me stay sane but it will probably help me even more when the politics of this business weigh more heavily on me and my work.

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So I have decided that it’s blog time.  Why now? Why at all? A couple of questions that I try to ask my self before any venture, and the answer came from a very unusual place – A graduation speech that I read almost 2 years after graduating. There was one line that seems to have stuck with me: “You have to ask yourself the hard questions every night. What did you do today to get you closer to reaching your goals and what did you learn today?”

This immediately got me thinking – I don’t think I have ever asked myself that question. Everyone has been asked, “What did you learn from [insert experience]?” but how many times have you asked it of yourself? So, I decided to ask myself the “hard” question. “What have I been doing to get me closer to my goals?” I quickly discover that’s an impossible question to answer unless you have your goals laid out. Which led me to another even harder question. What are my goals? I thought; the same as everyone else – get a place I would be proud to call home, find someone to start a family with and hopefully do some good out there.  Now, those are pretty standard goals, and solid ones at that but a little ways down the road and awfully vague (Vaugé for some of you). What is something that I want to accomplish that is more immediate? Now, having a blog was not on my radar. I didn’t even think I was that good of a writer. And then it hit me. Goal number one; become a better writer. It’s the perfect answer and opportunity to the question that started it all.

I have decided to write about the “hard” questions. What did I learn today? more importantly, I think – what did I fail at today? What are my real goals? What did I do to get me closer to them? How did I help someone today?  Think of this as a career journal not only for me, but hopefully you – My friends, colleagues, and fellow students of life.

Now lets be realistic. It’s going to be almost impossible to write everyday. I’ll just chalk that one up to the goal column. Once a week seems to be reasonable. I’m thinking Saturday mornings, I will write about my week. For you young advertising professionals and students – what I learned in the seed of my career. And how those lessons get me closer to moving up the ladder. I hope this will help you to avoid some trip wire.

Lesson number one: Be a good writer, even if you are an Art Director.

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