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Find other ways to create

Humm. Well I was onto something at some point. I opened this “draft” to find nothing in the body. It’s certainly a provocative title and it’s as true as can be. We as creatives work our faces off in this business to create ads for our clients. By the time we are done with, whatever it is we are working on, there are so many thumbprints all over your idea it’s amazing you even got to where you are. So, my advice; create for you. It’s imperative to find some other outlet where you are the client, account team, project manager, but most importantly the creative on. Create what ever it is you want. Make something as awesome or as awesomely-horrible as you want. find something for you.
I do a few things. This blog is one. There are no proof readers here. haha. I’m sure that run on sentence up there needed some punctuation somewhere. But I wanted you to feel a little exasperated after reading it. It’s an exasperating business – but its fun. And having a creative outlet will keep it that way. I write here to help me translate my ideas into words. I don’t expect a million followers or fame to come from this. It’s a simple outlet. I also take little photoventures every once and a while. I absolutely LOVE being behind a lens. It’s so relaxing to me. Sometimes I even sell those images in my Etsy store. Its simple really – You just need to discover your outlet.

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