Trigger happy

If there is one lesson that I think I can take from the time since my last entry, it’s that you have to be able to recognize opportunities – commit to them and pull the trigger. The last couple of weeks were full of little opportunities, trigger pulls and misfire’s. Now, the funny thing about misfire’s are, well one day they will make great stories and you have to be able to recognize that it’s really not a misfire.

I had an instructor once tell me that Advertising is like being a professional athlete. And honestly when heard that I thought he was crazy. Now it’s completely apparent as to what he meant by that. It’s a little funny actually, we are referred to as talent, we are partnered up on a team – which is a breakdown of a larger team, and we compete to get ideas produced to “hopefully” win some awards. What happens though, when your idea doesn’t get sold through? Well, some might consider it to be a misfire, and some, might see it as an opportunity to help make the idea that was sold -even better. Campaigns are not just the TV portion; they are the awesome YouTube experience that you create, the POS kit, the banners, the print, the everything that makes a campaign – a campaign. There are to many moving parts of any single idea for one person to do it all – it takes a team to win awards not an just an idea.

So I guess what I am saying is there really is no such thing as a misfire. They’re opportunities taking on a new shape. So keep pulling triggers and recognize that even If you missed the first target you might have hit the one behind it right in the center.


One thought on “Trigger happy

  1. CAPS says:

    I think Im getting carpel tunnel in my trigger fingers. Wont stop till I run out.

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